About Us


CHAITHANYA KALA BHARATHI moderated by Empower Non Profit, Non Political voluntary and professional Civil Society Organization .CKB has been working for the development of the economically weaker sections of Rayalaseema Districts namely Kurnool, Kadapa ,Chittoor ,Ananthpuram and part of Praksaam district . The birth of the organization is a response indeed an emotional response to the problems of illiteracy, ignorance ,ill health ,malnutrition, unemployment and inadequate medical and educational facilities that were widely prevalent in rural and slum areas. With a vision of alleviating poverty and has been working with great commitment for all round development, serving the needs of children, youth and women giving more attention for the integrated Development of women. This organization has launched with the welfare for sustainable development of women and other needy and deprived people. CHAITHANYA KALA BHARATHI is helping out needy, especially the women, to become self reliant, confident and competent to play a pivotal role in the society by the way of sharing power and decision making at all levels. Chaithanya Kala Bharathi is to support to strengthen the development process of poor community like dalith,tribal and backward classes people in A.P.state particularly in rayalaseema region by helping the poor particularly women to develop themselves through asset based community development programs.

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CKB aspires to create a self reliant just society where women, children, marginalized tribes,dalits and other vulnerable sections of the community will lead a sociable life of good understanding, harmony, dignity without any exploitation ,gender bias and other social distortions.CKB believes this would be the result of sustainable development and empowerment.


Socio economic reconstruction of the target community through rehabilitation of the vulnerable social groups with a just social action promoting sustainable livelihoods, food security and espousing the alternative life style.


Rural reconstruction and sustainable development of target community by creating vast avenues, promoting livelihood initiatives and food security in the best possible interest, social justice and empowerment.

Core Values

1. Sustainable Development, Empowerment and Social justice

2. Gram Swaraj – People’s rule in people’s hand for grameen development

3. Commitment

4. Transparency and Accountability

5. Organizational etiquette and social integrity

6. Respectability, tenacity and sincerity.

Details of Executive committee members

Sl. No Name Designation Qualification Age Experience
1 V. Vijaya Bhaskar S/o. V.N. Rama Subba Rayudu President M.Com. M. Phil. (RD) 56 32 years
2 K. Aruna Jyothi W/o. Dr. K.V. Ramana (Late) SECRETARY M.A. B.L. 65 20 Years
3 P. BhakarBabu S/o. P. Kuppuswamy Treasurer B.Sc. (Ag) 52 8 Years
4 M. Venkatar Ramana S/o. M. Ankanna (Late) E.C.Member M.A. 52 28 Years
5 G. Varalakshmi D/o. G. Ramaiah (Late) E.C.Member B.A., BL 55 28 Years
6 Mis T. Sailaja E.C.Member M.A ,English 30 10 Years
7 V. Sudhakar S/o. V. Sreeramulu E.C.Member B.A. 40 7 Years
8 G. Suvarna D/o. G. Satyanarayana E.C.Member SSC 32 5 Years
9 V. Naga Divya W/o. Tej Kiran E.C.Member M.Sc. 28 8 Years

Legal Status

Registration No : 1154/92 Under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 Dated : 31-12-1982

FCRA Registration No : 010270187 Under registered with Ministry of Home Affairs Govt of India New Delhi and it is renewed up to the year 2021 for receipts of the funds from International donor agencies.

Income Tax : All the donations made to our society are tax exempted from taxable income under section 80 G of Indian Income Tax act of 1961 ( F.No : DIT(E)/HYD/80G/71(06)/2010-11 dated 21.12.2010, PAN AAATC6841M)

NGO Darpan: registered Under NGO Darpan under NITI Aayogh,Govt of India New Delhi (Regd No AP/2009/0001798)