The Old Age and Day Care Home is located in C-1 Block of the residential colony, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.




About Chiranjiv Karam Bhoomi (Divya Chaya Trust)

      DIVYA CHAYA TRUST, founded in 1984, has its registered office in 8b , MIDDLETION STREET,KOLKATA-700 071.It has made a concerted effort to promote and sponsor a safe and stable ‘heaven’ for the elderly. This ‘home’ away from home would enable the aged persons to lead a self reliant, dignified and secure life free from the hassles of daily chores.

The success of the first Karam Bhoomi situated at Kolkata built in 1996 has motivated us to build a second Karam Bhoomi at Delhi in Palam Vihar in 2006. The land has been provided by Chiranjeev Trust on a fifty year lease. Located 10 km from the airport, the center is built in on a 800 yard plot and covers over 10,500 sq ft.

It is envisaged to serve as multipurpose Centre.

  • A residential Old Age Home.
  • A day care for elderly.
  • A non formal school for the children.
  • A holiday home for underprivileged children.
  • Community Development programme.
  • An international centre for visiting students to undertake community development.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a peaceful and congenial environment for like minded individuals who may share mutual interests.
  • Arrange for and provide living space where the elderly may live independent of their children.
  • Establish patterns of a healthy routine for the residents to include yoga, talks by Guest Speakers,Meditation, cheerful celebration of festivals with sobriety.
  • Conduct internship for child volunteers from nearby school to nurture the precious bond between the Young & Old.
  • Support a child Development Center for the underprivileged children with voluntary involvement of elders.


Dignity for Aged

     A unique feature of the Old Age & Day Care Home will be a day activity center for the aged where they will seek fresh energy through yoga & spiritual discourses, with medical camps at regular intervals. It will also provide aged citizens an opportunity to serve by involving them meaningfully in the care of children and teenagers. A full floor has been reserved to house about twenty senior citizens who will share their love with children and compassion with each other and live a life of dignity.

Care for Children

      The last 22 years of our experience with homeless children has revealed the importance of a permanent address - a home even if it is a short stay home, where they can return at any stage of their life. It is very important to the children to have their own place that breaks the monotony of their everyday lives. It will be a place which would provide them a feeling of security, help them to relax & foster their creativity. We believe that to give shape to our children's future we need to build on their present. It will instill in them their ability to dream and grow big. Basic amenities such as food, clothes, shelter and education alone are not enough for the child's personality development. Here at Karam Bhoomi the children get opportunities that help them to bloom.

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