ABOUT Objectives of the Organization

• To promote the cultural entity and the renovating the existing cultural and the traditional practices in the target area further to enrich sublimity of culture.

• To promote the rural entrepreneurship development initiative as a horizon to reconstruct the livelihood system of the rural poor .

• To empower the women community for their holistic development with special priority for the maintenance of gender equity.

• To take quality health care to the door steps of rural community through village animators, preventive and curative care etc.

• To educate the illiterate community as a whole with special focus to the women and child community propagating and promoting the noble values of education and establishing the residential schools and crèches for the children.

• To provide relief and rehabilitation to the needy in the areas affected by National calamities and emergencies.

• To create the consensus public awareness on Environment, land, forests, water and sanitation. Health, HIV/AIDS, women and human rights ,Rights to Information Act ,SC/ST Atrocity act and all other provisions as conducive as to the betterment of the target community.

• To form and promote women self help groups/Mahilamandals elevating the paths for economic reconstruction and rehabilitation upgrading their skills and existing potentialities to ensure their self-deniability.

• To strengthenthe PRI system emerging effective leadership qualities,generating demands for the village reconstruction espousing the people’s government in people’s heart.

• To Provide Education and Rehabilitation Programs for Disabled and blind Children.

• To Provide Safe and Clean Drinking Water through Bore wells in acute areas and Toilets

• To initiate the measures for the establishment of the short stay homes for the child labour,Orphanage to deserted children of the community with special provisions for vocational and other educational courses for their character building and fulcrum development in further course of time

• To develop models of environmentally sustainable agriculture for food and nutrition security.

• To undertake programe of habitation and rehabilitation to access the benefits to the needy poor – the target community.

• To promote and provide access to the delivery of health service mechanism in the inaccessible areas and creating better health practices among the women and adolescent girls with a special focus on the reproductive women and child health.

• To establish good linkages with the GO and VO sectors for effective resource mobilization –promoting network at all levels.